Matched Betting

Matched Betting Calculator

A matched betting calculator will allow you to quickly and easily find bets that will enable you to take full advantage of bookie welcome offers without risking your money. It enables you to place a qualifying bet by laying the bet off in an exchange so as to incur little if any loss before you get your free bet.

Matched betting has recently gained popularity as the major high street – and more recently – online bookies continue to compete for custom by offering new and existing customers free bets and matched betting incentives that incorporate casino type betting as well as sports betting. The rise of exchange betting, pioneered by Betfair and other large betting companies allows the better to essentially cover every outcome of a sports event and create a situation where the only loss likely to be incurred is the commission paid to the exchange betting platform.

There are a large number of matched betting assistant sites and companies that will walk you through every stage of the process, from explaining the basics to covering virtually every online betting opportunity that throws up a potential to make a profit.

You can see an example of how a betting odds calculator works here at SavetheStudent . As you can see the calculation is pretty straightforward and there are plenty of tools and free sites out there that will take care of the odds matching too. When you place you initial qualifying bet it’s important to find a low odds bet that gives very low loss (often a few pence in the pound) to ensure you can make maximum profit when it comes to using your free bet.

A matched betting calculator will help you be successful with your matched betting

The beauty of this betting system is that is virtually risk free and if you are prepared to put in the time, be patient and committed then it can provide a be a very profitable long term and profitable income.

These are a few of the companies I would recommend for matched betting. They are all pretty much one stop shops, where you’ll get the matched betting calculator, the odds matching software and all the bets, offers, reloads and daily deals will be delivered to your email or members area. Most charge a monthly commission but as a long term investment opportunity this takes some beating. I have used Profit Accumulator and would recommend them, but there are plenty more out there that a google search will help you out with.

Profit Accumulator: Best Matched Betting

You can get matched betting odds for most of the online betting sites